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Welcome to Boerse

Boerse is a revolutionary part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is how digital asset wallet staking and sending and receiving should work. The platform gives you the power to quickly make wallets and earn 1000% interest per year for GELDC and send and receive coins. With GELD, GELDC, BTC, ETH, USD and EUR you can buy Instagram/Youtube followers, likes subscriber. Affiliates earn 50-80% Bitcoin, ETH, USD, EUR commission payouts within 24h. Monthly USD 6000 / EUR 5000 in BTC/ETH to win in our affiliate contenst.

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Other cryptocurrency staking pages ask you for a high fee and give maximum 300% staking/holding reward per year. We do not ask for a yearly holding fee, but we give you per year 1000% for your GELDC simply for holding GELDC in your wallet.


Enter the amount and the address. Then transfer your coins at your wallet.


The C.E.O is since 1995 online, since 2008 with SoerenGelder.com in business and since 2013 in the crypto market and with own coins since 2017 named GELDC, GELD.