Buy and sell VIRTUAL-GOOGLE-MAPS-LAND with GELDC or other cryptocurrencies:

If you want to sell land in other currencies than GELDC, you can do so

by first buying land from Boerse and then selling it at the map

for a currency of your choice:

Only 10 USD in USDT or BNB or ETH to:


is giving you a piece of land/property.

After your purchase of USD 10 in USDT or BNB or ETH you can then sell your

land also in other currencies than GELDC.

How it works:

1. You need 1st to buy virtual land minimum USD 10 or 100 billion GELDC coins like in the way explained above. Then you need a gmail.com E-mail.

2. After you bought yourself land we give you editing-options at our map and you can set buying and selling marks at your maps here

by doing the following:

3. Refresh this page to see your offer at the below map.

4. Wait for buyers and sellers to fill your buy-/sell-offer and get transferred your GELDC

to your Boerse.website/exchange- or GELDC blockchain or any other cryptocurrency-wallet.